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Printerpix Reviews

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  • Printerpix quality sucks

    WARNING!!! DON'T WASTE YOUR MONEY WITH THIS CRAPPY COMPANY Garbage quality and really bad customer service. I ordered a couple of metal pictures from a Living Social voucher. What I received were pictures that looked like the were covered by a cheap yellow shellac, the printing didn't go all the way to the edge and there were many pock marks. Customer service told me to take pictures and sent them in, I did. Never heard from them again. Living Social however gave me a full refund including shipping charge. .. More...
  • No response to this message for 2 weeks

    Received a black mug in a box with no indication who it was from, nor instructions that said to run hot liquid into the cup and pictures would magically appear. Only clue was your website in tiny print on the shipping label outside the box. Went to your website and when I saw pictures, I wondered why I had received a solid covered mug, and thought one of our children had made a big mistake sending us a plain mug, when he wanted to send us one with pictures of the grandchildren. So I asked our daughter-in-law who confirmed our son had sent us a mug from our four year old twin... More...
  • Bad and disappointing

    In November 2014, I bought a German Groupon deal offering a letter from Santa Claus. I placed the order on 15 November, and I was told that the letter would be shipped within the next 10 working days. As the letter hadn't arrived until 6 December, I decided to contact Printerpix in UK and Germany. I received a standardized email from UK and an automatically translated email in German which I could hardly understand. I waited another two weeks, but nothing happened. On 22 December I received an email telling me that the letter of Santa Claus had been sent to me. Finally, I received the... More...
    Martina1965's Picture   Martina1965    0 Comments   Comments
  • Printerpix TERRIBLE service

    Buyer beware!! Probably the worst customer service I have ever experienced!! I had to make multiple phone calls questioning the status of my order. I even talked with a manager. I received absolutely NO following from anyone (even after multiple people told me they would follow up with an email). The information on the website is in accurate, and I was unable to use it to track my order (in fact the manager told me it was bad and not to use it). My average wait time to talk to someone when I called was over 18 minutes. I think the worst part was that no one even apologized, it was... More...
    (Holiday shopping reviews)
    tmmosher's Picture   tmmosher    0 Comments   Comments
  • Poor Customer Service Poor Company

    Looks as if I am not the only person here to experience the same crap from these people. My Canvas picture order has been in the 20% status for over 12 days. I called Customer support twice holding for 40 minutes the first time and then another 35 minutes the second time. Finally, I spoke to a very rude, Condescending girl that told me that my order was still in process.... I mentioned to her I could see that from their website as to why I was calling. When can I expect to receive my order I asked. She said she couldn't tell me when I would receive my order????? (say What?) She also... More...
    Skullyp's Picture   Skullyp    0 Comments   Comments
  • WASTE OF TIME AND MONEY - Terrible customer service

    Ordered a simple photo canvas over a month ago which said 10 days delivery....been waiting over a month. Called customer service around 30 times - they lie and say it will be with me the next day - then when I call next day say it hasn't been printed yet. They ask you to email then don't reply to any emails and delete facebook posts of any negative feedback. Can't believe a company can do this! I have been forced to report them to Citizens Advice and they are now looking into the company and its lack of customer service! I urge others who have problems to do the same. More...
  • Customer service? What service?

    Ordered a Printerpix photo calendar. It takes quite a long time to make it. They then took quite a while to deliver it but I must say I was really pleased with the quality of most of it - just some of the smaller photos were semi-obscured. I have written 4 e-mails to them about this issue and have not had any response. (It's now several weeks). I consider this to be really discourteous. For this reason I will not use them again and I strongly suggest that you don't either. More...
    MountainAga's Picture   MountainAga    0 Comments   Comments
  • printer pix are awful

    My picture is now over one month late and printerpix rarely contact me or return my contact. In summary ... 1 - printerpix didn't pass my address on to the delivery company 2 - once they did the delivery company said that they couldn't find my address (odd as it's a very obvious location) 3 - so the delivery company sent the image back to printerpix, which I only found out once I'd called the company because I realised my picture was now very late and having tracked the process through the above two issues I thought perhaps something else had gone wrong - neither... More...
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    smelg's Picture   smelg    0 Comments   Comments


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